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 Grazing Menu


Your event is all about you and is going to be different to what the next person may need or want from their event.  That is why Lavish has a selection of standard options as well as offering a hand tailored graze to create something that fits your needs perfectly.  

First, select the type of grazing table that you are after and then select which style that fits in with your event.  

Photography by Janneke Storm

Graze Type

Breakfast/Brunch Graze

The perfect graze for a corporate event, something delicious and wholesome before a wild and crazy hens/bucks or a beautiful and fuss free way to calm those nerves on your special day.  This grazing table is filled with fresh and dried fruits, local yogurt, granola, croissants and pastries with condiments to match, quiche slices, Jarlsberg cheese and leg ham, creamy local triple cream brie, roasted and salted nuts.  See additions on the next tab to make your graze more substantial and delicious.  

The Classic Graze

The classic grazing table with all of the abundance and wow factor of the grazes we have come to know and love.  Filled with a selection of local, Australian and International cheeses, charcuterie/cured meats, fresh bread and crackers, seasonal and fresh fruit, dried fruits, chocolates, fruit paste, dips, olives and antipasto, pickled veg and other assorted items.  This can be as casual or as fancy as you like.  See additions on the next tab to make your graze more substantial and delicious.  

The 50/50 Graze

The best of both worlds!  This has all of the amazing produce from The Classic Graze with the addition of sweet items to the table.  Chocolates, truffles, delicious slices, buttery mini cupcakes, doughnuts and more.  See additions on the next tab to make your graze more substantial and delicious. 


The Vegan

We can't forget about our vegan friends!  This grazing table has all of the decadence of The Classic Graze without the use of animals and their byproducts.  A selection of soft and hard "cheese", fresh and dried fruits, roasted and salted nuts, flavoursome dips, vegan crackers, fresh bread, pickled veg, antipasto and dolmades, chocolates, olives and assorted other items.  See additions on the next tab to make your graze more substantial and delicious.  


The Little Ones 

Our little guys and gals like to graze too!  It's the perfect solution for party food when energy is running high and sitting down time is at a minimum.  A mix between healthy and nutritious items such as fresh fruits, healthy sandwiches, dips, veg sticks, dried fruits and nuts and those options that are little more decadent such as sweet potato chips, soy crisps, chocolates, slices and a few lollies for good measure.  This graze can also be made nut free and can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Style Type 

The Classic Flat Lay-   

With a more relaxed and casual feel to it than our styled graze, it is all about abundance and boasts a selection of all of the good stuff like quality cheeses and cured meats as well as including extra snack type items that go perfectly with drinks.  Low and long or full and wide this is perfect for any event or party.  

The Styled Graze-   

 This graze is set to impress!  Think large wedges of salty blue and rounds of brie the size of your head dripping in honeycomb.  This graze focuses on styling and uses floral arrangements and props to introduce height and interest.  It can be matched to suit your event and can also be tailored in any which way you like.  Having a themed event?  Looking for something a little more luxe for your event?  This is the graze for you! 

For pricing or for any further information, please contact directly below.  Lavish Platters would love to create a table perfect for your event.